Continuous Disclosure Notice – Board discretion exercised to approve Commercial Loan

This Continuous Disclosure Notice provides important information to investors in respect of the TPT Wealth Income Funds, as at 31 March 2022.

Local Business Champions

As a growing number of Tasmanian business owners will attest, big does not always equal better when it comes to securing essential finance for their business operations.

Continuing to serve you through COVID-19

It’s been a tough time for many of us tackling the pandemic and the challenges it’s raised. Like many businesses, we’re faced with the reality that some of our staff have been impacted by the virus, which is also impacting some of our client deliverables.

How lockdowns have affected investment returns, assets and sectors

When you have invested in a managed fund, the fund manager makes these decisions on your behalf. So how can you be sure you have the right managed fund?

The important role for fixed income and cash in an uncertain world

In November 2020, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut Australia’s interest rate to the historic low of 0.10 per cent. A year later, the RBA is forecasting this rate will stay in place for at least another year.

TPT Wealth appoints commercial lending leader in Tasmania

Experienced finance industry executive Bryce Harding has recently been appointed to lead a major expansion of TPT Wealth’s commercial lending business.

Why use a non-bank lender for a commercial loan?

While the big banks are withdrawing from Tasmania, TPT Wealth is expanding its support for local businesses, with a goal to become the largest commercial lender in the state.

What’s happening with inflation? Australia vs the world

The events of the past two years have put inflation firmly in the spotlight around the world. But what does it mean for us here in Australia?

Exploring options for low-risk returns when inflation rises

Senior Investment Manager, Jukka Viljanmaa, takes a look at the factors that are contributing to the recent lift in inflation, which refers to the way the price of goods, services and assets rise over time.
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