Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to make a Will. In fact, according to recent data over 50% of adult Australians don’t have one. This doesn’t have to be difficult, TPT Wealth has the tools and long experience to make the Estate Planning and Will preparation process simple and stress-free for you.

Why use TPT Wealth

TPT Wealth was established in 1887 to be an impartial and professional Executor and Trustee. Today, that remains a core part of our expertise. With 135 years of experience, we are the long game and can:

  • Hold your Will in safe keeping.
  • Help take the stress out of managing all the legal, administrative, investment and tax duties and responsibilities of an Executor.
  • Insure against loss, so you can relieve your family members of the pressure that comes with responsibility and personal liability for mistakes.
  • Manage your affairs without the potential interruptions of failing health, death, or other issues that may affect a family member as Executor.
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