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Since 1887, we have been part of the Australian financial landscape professionally managing and administering cherished estates while for the latter years helping countless clients invest their hard earned money.


TPT Wealth is a Tasmanian based provider of financial products and services. Established in 1887, TPT Wealth is a Trustee Company authorised under the Trustee Companies Act 1953 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of MyState Limited.

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Customer Charter

Managing your assets and investments along with planning for your future, are things you have to do, but you choose to do it with us, and we’re privileged to do it with you.

That’s not something we take lightly, so we’ve decided to put pen to paper and formalise the commitment we’ve always made to you.

Every word of our Customer Charter has been thoughtfully pieced together with the ethos that we will always do better by you, so you are well prepared for what the future holds.

We’re committed to;
Earning your trust and keeping it
By consistently acting in a way that inspires trust. When we talk, it will be a genuine conversation that is fair, honest, reasonable and ethical. We won’t sell you products or services that you don’t need, or want, or make promises we can’t keep. And just know that we’re always in your corner.
Being genuinely interested in what you want
By continuing to have the same personal interactions with you we always have. You’re human and so are we, which is why being interested and sincere comes easily to us - we are mums, dads, aunties and all the rest. When you have questions or concerns, we’ll actively listen to your needs and come up with the best outcome together.
Making things easier for you
By explaining things in a way that is clear and easy to understand. When we design products or services, we will innovate and collaborate to create easy to use solutions that complement your experience with us. We ask ourselves everyday if there’s a better way to do things, and if there is - well, where can we start?
Telling you things straight-up, no jargon
By making a stand to communicate simply and cut fancy acronyms in favour of this new idea - speaking to each other like humans. When we speak, our conversations will be full of plain and simple language, to create more accessible interactions, which everyone can understand and be a part of.
Helping you make the right choices for you and your money
By getting to know you and your goals and circumstances. The better we know each other, the more able we are to get it right, and offer you the products and services that suit you. We’re in this together and are always here to guide you.
Putting things right if they go wrong
By putting our hand up if we’ve made a mistake and getting to work to fix it straight away. While we can’t promise to always get it right, we can promise that we will always make it right, and acknowledge when things don’t quite go to plan.

These commitments to you are lived and breathed in every way by your team at TPT Wealth and build the standard you can always expect from us. We also love talking about our Customer Charter, so if you have any questions get in touch with us on 1300 138 044 or at info@tptwealth.com.au


Having been part of the Australian financial landscape for over 133 years, TPT Wealth can truly say we are the long game. We have a very proud heritage and an equally exciting future. Today, TPT Wealth provides both individual and corporate clients with a range of services including Investment Management, Wills and Estate Planning and Commercial Lending.



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