While we can’t promise to always get it right, we can promise that we will always make it right, and acknowledge when things don’t quite go to plan. We take your feedback seriously and appreciate you letting us know if we’ve fallen short on our commitments.

We aim to provide simple, easy to use and trustworthy services and we see your complaint or feedback as an opportunity to not only resolve the matter for you, but as a way to improve the way we do things.

How to make a complaint or provide your feedback

You can advise us of your complaint or provide feedback by:

Details of your complaint or feedback

So that we can resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, it is important that you provide us with as much information as possible. This includes details such as:

  • Your investor or account number or the estate/trust name, your name and details of preferred contact method;
  • What your complaint or feedback is about and when did it happen;
  • How would you like the matter resolved.

Resolving Complaints


We will try our best to resolve the complaint for you on the spot, and in most cases we can.

If your complaint is particularly complex or we need to investigate with other areas we will:

  • Acknowledge that we’ve received your complaint within 24 hours or one business day;
  • Keep you up to date on our investigation and progress;
  • Provide you with final resolution within 30 days – if not we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and when we expect to resolve;
  • If your complaint relates to credit involving default notices or financial hardship, we will provide you with a final resolution within 21 days;
  • If your complaint relates to traditional trustee services, we will provide you with a final resolution within 45 days.

What if you remain unsatisfied?

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome provided to you, the first step is to request an internal escalation to a manager of the department you’ve been speaking with.

In the event you are not satisfied with the Managers response, you have a few more options. Please allow us the opportunity to resolve your complaint through our internal complaint management process, as detailed above, prior to escalating through any of these channels. You can choose which option suits you best.

Senior Manager Review

You can request for your complaint to be escalated to a Senior Manager who will review your complaint outcome.

  • Using the online form
  • Emailing us: mycomplaint@tptwealth.com.au; addressed to the Senior Manager
  • Calling us: 1300 138 044 (between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays);
  • Writing to us: Complaints & Feedback, GPO Box 227, Hobart Tasmania 7001

Customer Advocate Review

You can request for your complaint to be escalated to our Customer Advocate. The Customer Advocate while not independent, is impartial and focuses on achieving a fair outcome for the customer. Our Customer Advocate will review your complaint outcome to make sure that your complaint was handled fairly.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Alternatively, TPT Wealth is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA is an external dispute resolution body that deal with complaints concerning the financial services industry. You can raise a complaint with AFCA who will complete an independent review of our decision. It is good practice to go via the internal complaint resolution processes, prior to escalating a complaint with AFCA.

Privacy Complaints

If your complaint is about how we handle your personal information, you can also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Need more help?

  • Limited English? – We are very happy to engage with you through the use of an interpreter. Contact us and we can arrange an interpreter through the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National).
  • Difficultly with Hearing or Speaking? – We can receive calls from the National Relay Service (NRS). The NRS is a government initiative that allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment to make and receive phone calls.
  • Authorised Representative – You can authorise a representative to lodge and manage a complaint on your behalf. A representative might include financial counsellors, legal representatives, family, friends and members of parliament. You need to provide TPT Wealth with this authorisation in writing and from then on, we will only engage with your representative throughout the complaint process, (unless you tell us otherwise).

More Information

For more information regarding complaints refer to our Customer Complaints Policy or our Privacy Policy.

Online complaints form

Read our Privacy Policy and Data Handling Statement to learn how we handle your personal information.

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