Labour Force and Wages – Looking Closer at the Data

Jukka Viljanmaa, Senior Investment Manager, takes a closer look at the monthly labour force data, the underlying employment conditions, and what we can expect from unemployment rates over the coming months.

MyState appoints Alan Logan as General Manager TPT Wealth

MyState Limited has appointed Alan Logan as General Manager TPT Wealth.

Proposed changes to the features of the TPT Select Mortgage Fund (the Fund)

Proposed changes to the TPT Select Mortgage Fund. Please read for important proposed changes to the features of the TPT Select Mortgage Fund.

Wages growth a key to interest rate rises

As the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) again kept rates on hold in August 2021, Senior Investment Manager for TPT Wealth, Jukka Viljanmaa explains the labour market will have to tighten further, and wage growth rise significantly, before investors see cash rate increase.

Change of Investment Managers – Investment Growth Funds (17 August 2021)

This Continuous Disclosure Notice provides important information to investors and updates the PDS for the Investment Growth Funds.

Sooner or later? The outlook for RBA cash rate increases.

By Jukka Viljanmaa, Senior Investment Manager – TPT Wealth. The Reserve Bank of Australia Board meeting in July 2021 resulted in no change to the […]

Change to redemption notice period for TPT Fixed Term Fund

Please read for important information to investors invested in or wanting to invest in the TPT Fixed Term Fund.

TPT Fixed Term Fund Changes

Missed our recent information sessions? Watch the recorded online session for further details about recent changes to the redemption notice period of the TPT Fixed Term Fund and what it means for investors.

Change of Management Fee – TPT At Call Fund

Important information to investors on the management fee for the TPT At Call Fund.
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