Managed Investments

Why invest in a Managed Investment?

With the ever-changing economic climate and unpredictable markets, it can be difficult to make sound investments while trying to protect your savings. We understand that not everyone can manage their funds actively to achieve this balance and may need to rely on the insights and expertise of experienced fund managers.

At TPT Wealth, our in-house investment management team bring decades of trusted experience and forward-thinking to our range of key financial services. Offering professionally managed funds, we’ve made it our goal to help Australian investors make informed financial decisions that they can feel good about.

We’ve provided information relating to the types of investment opportunities we offer our clients in plain and accessible language.

The information is intended to be general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person.

With that in mind, always check that the product is right for you before opting for any kind of investment opportunity and seek independent advice about how investment funds can work for you and your individual financial goals. Always read the relevant Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and other disclosure documents including Target Market Determinations before making any decisions.

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Cash & Income Funds

Aiming for capital stability and consistent investment returns.

  • Short to medium term investors
  • Generate income from a diversified portfolio
  • Assets include bonds, money markets and mortgages
  • Delivers monthly variable returns

Investment Growth Funds

Potential for higher average investment returns over the long term.

  • Long term investors
  • Assets include property, Australian and International shares
  • Short term ups and downs are part of the funds’ performance
  • Regular income streams

All investments involve various elements of risk. Whilst TPT Wealth cannot eliminate all risks associated with an investment in the TPT At Call Fund, Growth Funds and TPT Income Funds (including the risk of loss of income and capital invested), as Responsible Entity and Investment Manager we employ a range of strategies that seek to actively identify, assess, manage, and reduce risk. Neither TPT Wealth, nor MyState Limited or MyState Bank Limited guarantee the repayment of capital or the performance of the TPT At Call Fund, Growth Funds and TPT Income Funds. For important information about Funds and their risks, please refer to the Fund’s PDS and TMD.

ASIC Benchmark Disclosures:
ASIC has developed a range of benchmarks for unlisted mortgage schemes (such as the Income Funds) the enable investors to understand the risks and assess the suitability of the investments. This information is updated on a quarterly basis and made available on this website.

Why invest with TPT Wealth?

Short, medium to long term investments
Over 30 years experience
Invest in assets generally not available to retail investors
24/7 access to your investments via our online investor portal

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What are managed investments?

Managed investments are also known as managed funds. They can sometimes be referred to as a managed investment scheme or a managed investment trust.

These types of funds are made up of multiple investors. When you choose to invest in a managed fund, you are pooling your money with other investors. Your money is paid into a corporate body managed on your behalf by a dedicated fund manager. Any assets purchased with your investment capital belong to the trust and so do not belong to individual investors.

As an investor in a managed fund, you do not make direct investment decisions, but instead, an experienced and skilled professional manages the fund and does your investing for you.

Investing in a managed fund can be a great way for new and inexperienced investors to start their own investment journey. By choosing to pool your money with other like-minded investors, you open your investment opportunities up to a broad range of options, usually diversifying your portfolio and so spreading the risk associated with your investments over different areas. This can help to manage the balance of risk and return.

Investing is never a sure thing but there are lots of ways that can help you to manage your investment risk. Choosing a professional Funds Manager to help you reach your individual financial goals means that you’re choosing an experienced investment professional who understands not only how the fund’s portfolio works but also how to optimise investment options.

TPT Wealth is dedicated to managing not just your investment funds but also the clients we help. You can contact us directly to discuss investment opportunities with TPT Wealth at 1300 134 044 or via email at

How to choose managed investment plans?

When choosing managed investment schemes, it’s important to compare before committing to invest. What works for one investor may not be suitable for another.

Your first step is ideally to understand what kind of investments your managed fund may consist of. Managed funds can be single-asset funds or mixed-asset funds. Single-asset funds invest in a single-asset class, such as shares, property, and bonds. The types of investments cover a range of options and a range of risks.

Possible types of single-asset managed funds include:

Cash funds

Cash funds are usually relatively low-risk, short-term investments, and can include money market deposits, short-term government bonds, and bank bills.

Fixed income investments or bond funds

Fixed-income investments and bond funds are also usually low-risk. However, they can include higher-risk corporate bonds.

Mortgage funds

Mortgage funds are investments in property loans, and the risks vary, relying primarily on the quality of the mortgage holders as well as the purpose of the property loan (i.e., commercial versus residential loans).

These types of investments don’t increase in value and can decrease in value if borrowers do not repay their mortgage loans. However, a regular income is paid to investors as long as borrowers continue to pay interest. Mortgage funds are often considered a conservative investment option.

Property funds

Different from mortgage funds, property funds are investments made in residential and commercial property developments. These can be very high risk and may include restrictions such as not being able to withdraw your capital investment at short notice. Investors are neither guaranteed a fixed rate of interest or return.

Share funds

Also known as equity funds, these types of investments are made in listed companies both within Australia as well as internationally. This type of investment opportunity is usually aimed at providing high returns, however the risks are proportionately high, too.

Alternative investment funds

These funds include funds that invest in private equity, derivatives, and commodities. These can be very high risk.

Mixed asset or multi-sector managed funds returns are derived from more than just a single-asset class as so will usually be named based on the investment types that make up the majority of the portfolio.

Options can include a mix of both shares and property with a portion invested in cash or fixed-interest bonds or even 100% cash investments spread over short-term money market funds, government bonds, and bank bills.

What are the advantages of managed investments?

The biggest advantage that managed investments offer is the chance to pool your money with a group of other investors and have that pool of funds managed by a professional investment management team. You are drawing directly on the skills, experience, and financial insights of professional investors working toward your individual investment objectives.

However, it’s important to compare investment funds and types and understand the risks and assess the suitability of the investment before committing to anything.

It is essential that you obtain and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and other disclosure documents, including the Target Market Determination (TMD), Financial Services Guide, Privacy Policy, Benchmark Disclosure Reporting and continuous disclosures, which are available at

If you’d like to invest with TPT Wealth today, you can apply online or contact us for more information about our managed fund investment options.

Income funds

If you're seeking a low- to medium-risk/return investment, income funds may be a good choice. Investing in these funds means receiving current distributions from interest payments and other securities aimed at preserving capital.

While capital is not guaranteed, income funds still present an attractive lower-risk option in the context of asset mix, benefits, risks and redemption timeframes. Compared to other types of funds, this one places a greater emphasis on generating monthly income rather than strategies that prioritise capital gains.

TPT Wealth’s Income Funds invest in a selection of asset classes including money market, fixed income and commercial mortgages to offer diversified portfolios with varying risk/return profiles to suit different investor appetites.

Start your journey with TPT Wealth and apply online today or contact us at 1300 138 044 for more information about any of our financial products.

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